Requesting Song Downloads

2017-01-31 19:23:56 by SevenSouls

Lately people have been asking me to turn on downloads for some specific songs, and now I am deciding to turn them on. You may make requests for any songs of mine that you would like for the song to be downloadable. Overall, thank you guys for all the recent follows and support. I know that I have not been publishing much lately, but I will eventually get to it. Thx guys. ^_^ 

More Songs Coming 2017! ^_^

2017-01-10 18:06:04 by SevenSouls

Hey guys, I am glad to say that I will continue to keep posting my music. As you can tell, I have been posting a little less lately, because I have finished posting my songs that I created a couple months ago, and I just needed and wanted to post them. Stay hyped, because there will be more songs coming 2017. ^_^

Hey Guys!

2016-12-05 18:26:03 by SevenSouls

    Yo, I am finally uploading my creations, and I hope y'all will enjoy them. I will eventually let you guys dowload them if ya'll enjoy them a lot, but for now just have fun getting a glimpse of what my songs will be like. If y'all are wondering about the fact that I am uploading songs so quickly, it's just that I have been creating songs for a year now, and I am just uploading them. I hope you have been enjoying my songs! My favorite types of songs are House, Dubstep, Ambient, and Dance. Peace out! ^_^

I have now turned downloads on for Legacy and Hazard, my two best songs. ^_^