Entry #1

Hey Guys!

2016-12-05 18:26:03 by SevenSouls

    Yo, I am finally uploading my creations, and I hope y'all will enjoy them. I will eventually let you guys dowload them if ya'll enjoy them a lot, but for now just have fun getting a glimpse of what my songs will be like. If y'all are wondering about the fact that I am uploading songs so quickly, it's just that I have been creating songs for a year now, and I am just uploading them. I hope you have been enjoying my songs! My favorite types of songs are House, Dubstep, Ambient, and Dance. Peace out! ^_^

I have now turned downloads on for Legacy and Hazard, my two best songs. ^_^


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2017-01-31 10:21:11

Heaven Party, please. It's cool too!)

SevenSouls responds:

ok ^_^